Composite image, optically encoded by escort-craft of the trans-Channel airship Lord Brunel: aerial view of suburban Cherbourge, October 14, 1905.

Dying to be born.
The light is strong,
The light is clear;
The Eye at last must see itself
Myself …
I see:
I see,
I see

Captain Inish Scull liked to boast that he had never been thwarted in pursuit — as he liked to put it — of a felonious foe, whether Spanish, savage, or white.

“It may be over but it wasn’t fun,” Call said, looking at the long dry distance that still waited to be crossed.

Lloyd shoves off the bedcovers and hurries to the front door in white underwear and black socks.

Now it was gone.

Augusta beckoned, as she does.

Arnold held the envelop up to eye level, looked at it, gave it a little shake, slid open the top drawer of his desk, and dropped it in.

When I started to try to learn to write fiction, I knew that I had no idea how to write fiction.

The real-deal cyborg will be deeper and more subtle and exist increasingly at the particle level, in a humanity where unaugmented reality will eventually be a hypothetical construct, something we can only try, with great difficulty, to imagine — as we might try, today, to imagine a world without electronic media.

In the week before their departure to Arrakis, when all the final scurrying about had reached a nearly unbearable frenzy, an old crone came to visit the mother of the boy, Paul.

“While we, Chani, we who carry the name of concubine — history will call us wives.”

Early in the morning, late in the century, Cricklewood Broadway.

Go on my son! thought Charlie.

I just wanted to be some woman, heading back home to Over There That Way.

I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ.

Five hours’ New York jet lag and Cayce Pollard wakes in Camden Town to the dire and ever-circling wolves of disrupted circadian rhythm.

She kisses his sleeping back and falls asleep.

Pea Eye shut the door of the oat bin, to keep out mice and snakes, and, at moments nervous, at moments relieved — at least she had called him honey — he followed his wife back to their house.

“Most train robbers ain’t smart, which is a lucky thing for the railroads,” Call said.