Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard allows a user to fetch a wealth of Google Analytics metrics from multiple websites merely by entering two dates. The app makes multiple calls to the Google Analytics API to fetch data on pageviews, popular pages, devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), traffic sources (Facebook, Twitter, Google) and countries that access website content. The results are displayed as bar charts and text. It is a single-page web application built using Angular 2, Node, D3 and SVG.

After the user logs into a Google account, the app is granted an access token that will allow it to fetch metrics for any website on that account. TheĀ user enters two dates to create the time range used to fetch metrics.

After the user selects a specific website from a row of buttons of all the websites on the Google account, the app first fetches the total pageviews for the timeframe entered by the user. It then determines the first and last days of the five previous months, and makes five more calls to the Google Analytics API to get the pageview metrics for those months. D3 and SVG are then used to display the data in a bar graph that indicates the web traffic pattern over the past six months.

The app continues to make calls to the Google Analytics API to fetch more metrics, displaying some data as bar charts and some as text, so the user has all the analytics they are looking for on a single page.