The water secret Big Agua doesn’t want you to know

So-called health experts say water is vital to our well-being, but don’t be fooled. Those agenda-hiding charlatans would like nothing better than for us to drink up their lies. Water is a slippery, see-through, watery poison, and it’s killing us from the inside out.

The pro-water lobby spouts $10 words, like “hydration,” “dehydration” and “water.” Look, I don’t have a fancy science degree from an elitist university, but I know subterfuge when I see it. Allow me to learn you a truth or two about this “healthy” elixir called water.

The Transit Games

They all tried to stop me, told me it was impossible, said I was crazy to even consider it. My friends. My family. The guy with the thing who does stuff at the place. Hey, I don’t blame them. They were only looking out for me.

But, despite the warnings, despite the dangers, I wanted to do it. I had to do it. The people I loved had suffered enough, had gone without for too long, and there was only one way to end their misery. I had to enter the Transit Games.

Here’s looking at queue

There are two basic queue management models. Banks and airports use what’s called the single-line, multiple-server model. First come, first served. Most stores, however, use the traditional multiple-line, multiple-server system. This is how supermarkets work. You pick a line and hope it’s a fast one.