Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard allows a user to fetch a wealth of Google Analytics metrics from multiple websites merely by entering two dates. The app makes multiple calls to the Google Analytics API to fetch data on pageviews, popular pages, devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), traffic sources (Facebook, Twitter, Google) and countries that access website content. The results are displayed as bar charts and text. It is a single-page web application built using Angular 2, Node, D3 and SVG.

First and Last

First and Last ( is a learning tool for writers. One of the best ways to improve writing is to imitate the prose of good writers. Writers are at their best, in general, in their first and last sentences. Users of First and Last can add sentences from books, browse the collection, do a guess-the-book quiz, see three random entries, and like or comment on their favourite sentences. It is a single-page web application built with Angular 2, Express, Node and MongoDB.