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The water secret Big Agua doesn't want you to know

So-called health experts say water is vital to our well-being, but don’t be fooled. Those agenda-hiding charlatans would like nothing better than for us to drink up their lies.

Water is a slippery, see-through, watery poison, and it’s killing us from the inside out.

The pro-water lobby spouts $10 words, like “hydration,” “dehydration” and “water.” Look, I don’t have a fancy science degree from an elitist university, but I know subterfuge when I see it.

Allow me to learn you a truth or two about this “healthy” elixir called water. My cousin’s daughter’s school recently banned all beverages except water. Now two kids in Grade 1 are allergic to rhubarb. Coincidence?

Up to 80 per cent of children baptized (with water) in their first month of life fail to speak in full sentences until three years later, according to the Family Unhydration Freedom Coalition.

Another common side effect of water is death. Every year, about 55 million people die around the world. Most are from countries — the same countries where water consumption is not only permitted, it is encouraged by public health authorities.

Advertisement Article content continued Do you even realize what water is made from? One ingredient is hydrogen — perfectly harmless, right? Ah, no.

Ever heard of the hydrogen bomb? Yeah, it’s a thermonuclear weapon that uses hydrogen “fusion” to create giant, deadly, mushroom-cloud-making “explosions.”

The other ingredient in water is oxygen. According to the internet, Michael Jackson, a famous llama owner, used to sleep in an oxygen chamber. That would be the Michael Jackson who is no longer alive. (He is dead.)

Will drinking a cocktail of hydrogen and oxygen cause you to explode or die (or both)? Is there zero-per-cent risk? Who can say for sure?

Then there are the chemicals added to drinking water, like fluoride. Again, I’m no scientist, but I know that nothing good comes from consuming anything ending in “ide” — be it peroxide, cyanide or poisontoxicide.

If you’re interested in reading more about the dangers of drinking water, see the many scary captions Photoshopped onto stock images at

I realize that doctors, scientists, public health experts, nutritionists and medical researchers think water is good for us. But Reginald McWellend, a commenter on the Facebook page for, has this to say: “Water isn’t 100% safe NO WAY!!! Get informed. Make YOUR OWN decisions!” (257 likes).

The “experts” would love for us to ignore people like Reginald, who have no education or training in any area related to health or science or “facts.” But the actual reason health “experts” ignore waterblowers (water whistleblowers) is that they are all in the pocket of Big Agua.

Advertisement Article content continued Water is not just a liquid; it’s an industry. Unscrupulous water manufacturers have paid off every health expert on earth, according to the article “Water risks THEY don’t want YOU to know!” in the online newsletter Natural Wellness Goodness.

This is a worldwide conspiracy, funded by dirty water money, perpetrated by mainstream medicine. Health “experts” are not only hiding the truth, they are intent on harming us all (babies in particular).

Health “experts” blab about “peer-reviewed studies” and “empirical evidence.” Unfortunately for them, we all have access to a little thing called the internet. Type a few words into Google — start with “water,” “deadly” and “conspiracy” — and you will discover the truth.

Educate before you hydrate. Think before you drink. You are the expert on what’s healthiest for you.

You should never put a substance in your body – be it water or some vaccine – until you have visited every obscure website that lists all the things that are horrible about it. Only then can you make an educated decision to not drink water.